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Kavit Handa,
Young Presidents Organization, Dubai

Kevin Horsley conducted a highly valuable learning session for our membership in Dubai.

His techniques and teaching style were well received by YPO members as well as our children for whom he conducted a special session. YPO Dubai would be happy to recommend Kevin and class him as a world-class speaker.

Standard Bank

Kevin was an absolute hit with the staff. He was engaging, developed a good rapport with his audience and was able to give us some practical tips/advice to use in our daily lives. The guys felt energised and ready to take on the challenges of daily Corporate life again. 

Louis Fourie,
one of the founders of Citadel and
the founder of The Logic Filter.

Kevin Horsley has the ability to change people’s paradigms forever. His personal life story and masterful memory demonstrations are harsh reminders that radical personal progress is a choice, and that so much is possible through willpower and persistence. More remarkable is the humility and integrity, despite his achievements, with which he interacts with an audience.

 Anton van Heerden, MD at Sage VIP

Kevin is clearly an expert in the field of memory. He has shown us practical ways to improve our daily lives, from a personal and business perspective. His comfortable and relaxed presentation style made this session thoroughly enjoyable and I would recommend it to anyone! After attending his sessions we sent our whole company through the same process. Thanks Kevin!

Prof. Dr. Kobus Kok,
Department of New Testament Studies Faculty of Theology, University of Pretoria.

Kevin, I would like to share with you that the exams of the MDiv group went exceptionally well, thanks to your memory methods and your great way of explaining it all. No less than 27 out of 40 students passed with distinctions – a record performance. No less than 19 of these students received a mark of over 80%, and 8, more than 90%. Best of all is that many of them could still remember their study material content long after their exams were finished!

 Sophie Pretorius,
scholar from Girls’ College Bulawayo

Last year you came to my school, and gave a short talk on memory methods. I wrote Cambridge IGCSE O level examinations in November and I achieved 10 A*s, i.e. 10 honour grades. Myself and three boys from Singapore were the only students in the world that achieved these results. You really inspired me and many of your techniques were vital in my achieving what I did. I am incredibly grateful to you for sacrificing a few moments of your life to change mine, thank you.

 Steve Venter,
Operations Manager at Institute for Technology Strategy and Innovation.

Kevin’s ability to activate people to optimise their potential is the main reason why we use him on our programmes.  His practical approach in supplying tools in a dynamic way ensures that participants have a competitive edge in completing the learning programmes effectively and efficiently.

C.F.L. Peters,
Partner at SP Attorneys

As a result of the memory skills that Kevin taught me, I enrolled for an LLB degree part-time, which I have since successfully completed. I honestly don’t think it would have been possible without the skills taught in this programme.

 Annemien Victor,
Consulting Director at Sage VIP

Kevin is an amazing presenter with a wealth of knowledge, but he presents it in a practical way without one getting tired or bored.

Graham Katzenellenbogen,
Rotary Club of Sandton, South Africa.

At our weekly meeting we had the pleasure of being addressed by Kevin. His abilities are remarkable and his address was short, sweet, to the point and gripping. We would like to congratulate him on a wonderful and entertaining presentation that had all members listening to each and every word, so much so that question time went on on on and on! Thank you very much and please pass our thanks on to Kevin and we hope to have him again sometime.

 Kobus Louw, Honours in Mathematical Sciences at the University of Stellenbosch.

I studied my Honours in Mathematical Sciences at the University of Stellenbosch, majoring in Financial Risk Management. Most of the subjects consisted of very technical mathematical theorems, which involved a combination of intuitive learning and memorisation. The first thought is "How is it possible to use memory methods to study maths?
Some of these theorems were up to 4 pages long, which makes it very easy to forget where in the theorem you are." Using the methods Kevin taught me, I was able to place all of the steps in my memory, having cues in my mind as to where in the theorem I am. Not only did it help in memorising the theorem, but it also assisted in understanding the theorem better.
What made memorising easier was that I got to know them the first time I studied them. Once they were in place, I could easily do repetition. When it came to exams it was just a case of going over it again and the theorem jumped back into place, which enabled me to study a third of the time my classmates studied and to focus on other things that were also important. These methods not only helped me study efficiently, it also changed the way my mind perceived memory. It changed from a boring repetitive world to a colourful efficient map of techniques and theorems, which could easily be accessed.
Kevin is truly a mastermind when it comes to memory and its application to all aspects of life.

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